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Schedule Any Lesson
The Build

Cliff and Grant Gardner reached out to us in late 2017 to build Schedule Any Lesson. Having sold a previous company to Autonation, Cliff understood exactly what he needed from his past experiences. Cliff and his son Grant came up with the idea for Schedule any Lesson, but they had no idea how to bring it to life. They needed a company that was more than just a “web design firm”, they needed a “software development agency”. We helped them refine their ideas and planning into an executable software development plan. With the idea in mind that we needed extremely effective SEO performance,

we chose to build a custom system utilizing the Laravel PHP Framework. The informational pages and sections would be controlled by WordPress, but we utilized the WordPress REST API to pull the information into the Laravel platform, allowing for maximum performance and flexibility. This enabled us to use the awesome content management abilities of WordPress without all the bloat that comes with a WordPress install. This also allowed us to enable custom functionality anywhere and everywhere on the web application without having to conform to WordPress coding standards.


Schedule Any Lesson allows instructors to post profiles showcasing their skills, qualifications, certifications, educational materials and more. We built custom profiles complete with Stripe API Subscription management.

We created a full administration component allowing SAL admins to approve new profile users, see quick analytics on new signups and revenue, manage categories, the ad system and more.

The Tech
UI/UX Design

We utilized Sketch to create high fidelity design comps and finished with a full InVision prototype, allowing us to get adequate feedback from the client before we ever touched any code.

Laravel Powered

When SEO is of utmost concern, a full Javascript solution is sometimes overkill. In this instance, SEO was a major concern, so we created a fast, SEO friendly system utilizing the Laravel PHP Framework.

Profile System

Instructors are prompted to fill out a full profile, similar to linked in. We utilized the Jquery javascript framework in unison with Laravel to create a quick, easy user interface for instructors to sign up.

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