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Senior Living
The Build

Anthony A. has been using countless CRM systems for his senior living assistance survey company for years on end when he finally decided it was time to build a custom system. Anthony’s company is a unique company that calls residents of senior living facilities and surveys them over the phone, then takes the recorded survey data and transcribes it into surveys that get emailed out to all the important people in an organization. From CRM to CRM they jumped, never having quite exactly what they wanted,

then they found 422 Studios. We sat down with them and came up with a plan to integrate Twilio Browser Based Calling directly into the web application, which changed their business entirely. Now they can make browser based calls which are automatically recorded, attached to surveys and at their fingertips right when they need them. In addition to that, we built a full enterprise level CRM system to manage everything from management companies to communities, residents, surveys, files, notes, audio and more.


Making an extremely complex cobweb of algorithms and functionality like client estimating, invoicing, managing contacts, managing pricing and inventory and availability settings seem like its “simple and easy to use” as so many apps claim (and fall short of), is to say the least, not easy. We started by tackling the vendor side of functionality building out inventory systems and client estimation and invoicing, before building mirrored functionality on

the user side. All of this required an extremely clean, well designed user interface to accomplish a seamless experience between client and vendor sides, while keeping with our branding and stylistic obligations. The final product is a grand display of complexity masked beautifully with an easy, fun to use tool set for managing every aspect of your wedding and for vendors to manage every aspect of their business from start to finish.

The Tech
Laravel Powered API

The backend is built on the Laravel PHP framework. We started by creating a REST api with Oauth 2.0 authentication.

Vue.js Frontend

Vue.js is a powerful component based javascript library that is taking over the development industry. It’s a 422 Studios favorite.

Twilio API

Senior Living’s web app has a very sophisticated Twilio API integration enabling users to make, record and save calls in real time.

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