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Smart Connect
The Build

SmartConnect was started to save homeowners, renters, and local business owners time, money, and stress on the services they use every day. Whether you’re moving

into a new home or wanting to upgrade your utilities, we are a one-stop shop focused on connecting you with the best utility service vendors, packages, and deals available.


SmartConnect was an existing business with an existing web presence when they came to us looking for a web based application to match their current informational site. We built

upon the strong foundation of greens and yellows that made up the core brand to design a web based software application that integrated seamlessly into the Smart Connect ecosystem.

The Tech
Connecting The Dots

From utilities and service providers, to movers, mail forwarding and more. The Smart Connect Dashboard is a great, high tech way to move.

Vue.js Powered

Smart Connect is a SPA (single page application). Vue.js was a great choice due to its light weight nature and flexible code base.

Seamless Integration

The new Smart Connect web application integrates seamlessly with the full Smart Connect ecosystem. Jumping from website to app feels natural.

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