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The Build

Vivetto is a pet project of Launchnova. Founded by Daniel White, Vivetto is a unique idea in a crowded marketplace full of solutions for managing prospects, projects, proposals and invoices. Typically companies pay $200 – $500 per month for software to manage their creative businesses. Vivetto is a game changer in that a freelancer pays only $50 / month and a small creative team pays only $99 / month. Vivetto started as a Tech Wildcatters startup and morphed into many different things since it’s inception. Currently Vivetto is slated to launch in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

Vivetto utilizes the latest greatest web technologies. We’ve written a robust backend API using the Laravel PHP framework. This backend API interfaces with an OAuth 2.0 authentication system allowing us to utilize the API for both web and native mobile applications to power the data side. The web based software is a SPA (single page application) powered by VueJS. The mobile application is created with nativescript, which compiles to native iOS and Android code to power the dedicated mobile apps.

SAAS Platform development companies Vue.js

Vivetto includes a beautiful interface full of light airy colors that are not hard to look at for hours on end. The idea behind Vivetto was to simplify every part of the process as most creative companies don’t need a super

complicated CRM like Zoho or Salesforce and they don’t need super complicated proposal and invoicing features either. Vivetto is quick and easy to use and that story is told all throughout the design and user experience.

The Tech

Vivetto has gone through many iterations of design over the last 2 years. We settled on a nice light, airy palette that is easy to look at for many hours while managing your business.


Vue.js is taking the coding world by storm. As a much friendlier framework than the once incredibly popular React.js, we can rapidly prototype and launch features on a system that is now widely considered the best JS framework in town.


From sweet drag and drop proposal creation interfaces, to powerful invoicing and payment solutions for creative teams, to project boards, discussions with clients and more, Vivetto is the perfect business management solution for creatives.

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