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Wedding Spree
The Build

WeddingSpree is an ambition startup seeking to overtake the competition in the wedding industry. All of the existing solutions are lacking in certain areas. We set out to build a product that was not only as good as the next two competitors, but far exceeded them in capabilities. For instance, the top wedding planning site on the internet is not capable of placing orders with vendors in real time. We have tackled that problem with a highly

complex set of algorithms that take into account per guest versus static pricing, spaces versus products and services, etc. The final result is a beautiful user interface that allows brides and grooms to find and vet vendors and venues, book venues as well and products and services, pay for the entire bill online in real time and then manage every aspect of their wedding from event planning, invitations, guests, and more.


WeddingSpree’s founding team had some lofty goals to say the least. From vendors and venues being able to accept Stripe payments through the marketplace, to creating invoices and estimates, managing clients, internal messaging, Twilio powered SMS messaging and

more to clients being able to search, vet and purchase directly from those local vendors in the app while managing their guest lists, wedding timeline, goals, finances and more. It was indeed a huge build, the largest 422 Studios has ever been a part of.

The Tech

We started by choosing a tech stack that was scalable, fast, powerful and familiar. That was Laravel. We built a REST based JSON api that could power both the iOS and Android mobile apps as well as the web based software from one central location.

Vue.js Frontend

Next we chose Vue.js for the front end web application as it’s fast, easy to get started and extremely user friendly. We built both the bride and groom side as well as the vendor side of things on one single platform with various user types, access rules and functionality.

Friendly Experience

All-in-all, WeddingSpree is an extremely complex system of algorithms, features and functionality presented as an incredibly simple, intuitive application for brides and grooms to plan and oversee every aspect of their weddings.

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