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Top WordPress Developers in Dallas

Launchnova is a top 10 ranked WordPress developer. Whether you are looking for custom WordPress theme developers in Dallas or nationwide, we can help. Our team of Dallas WordPress developers have been creating everything from marketing websites, to directory listings and more since the first version of WP.

We start with planning out your custom wordpress website by organizing menu structure and content. Then we can go one of two routes with your project.

The Custom WordPress Theme Development Route.

top wordpress developers in dallas

Sometimes a standard WordPress theme isn’t the right fit. This can be for many reasons from simple things like the design being too custom to fit within the confines of a theme, up to and including the need for ultra fast load times or custom WordPress development that a plugin simply isn’t capable of.

In this case, we start with a custom WordPress design from scratch utilizing our design and prototyping tools. Once your design is approved, our team of Dallas WordPress developers will custom code your design into a WordPress theme from scratch.

This is the recommended route, as we can tailor your site to your exact needs. Often times when working with stock themes, they are bloated with tons of plugins and badly written code because they must cater to the majority of users, rather than a specific use case. This can slow down your website with unnecessary additions to the codebase that you simply do not need.

Additionally, custom websites are often not best suited for a stock WordPress theme because they require certain custom functionalities that are more often than not easier to custom code from scratch than they are to hack up a WordPress plugin to accomplish the same end result (typically with less than favorable results).

This is not to say a stock theme is a bad idea, its simply not well suited for sites with custom functionality, which brings us to our next option.

Customized WordPress Themes

Sometimes budget is a huge factor in a build, which is one of the reasons WordPress has risen to the level of stardom that it has in recent years. It’s an easy to use, powerful solution. For our customers who need simple marketing websites, or Woocommerce theme development (ecommerce functionality), we highly recommend going the theme route. Our Dallas wordpress development team will assist you in setting up your hosting account, uploading WordPress and installing a WordPress theme.

We will then customize the theme to the extents that the theme will allow, and build your site with a common WordPress theme builder like Elementor or WP Bakery.

Many Dallas WordPress developers choose to go the theme route, but sell their work as “custom WordPress solutions”. Launchnova does not overpromise and underdeliver. If we feel after an initial consultation that a simple theme site would suffice for your project we will offer it. We will not try and oversell you on an expensive custom solution unless it is necessary.

Pricing For Dallas WordPress Development

Simple theme sites which have 5 – 8 pages of content, a contact form, some stock photos and a few plugins typically run between $1,500 and $3,500 depending on complexity, whether or not they need WordPress ecommerce functionality or any custom WordPress development.

Custom WordPress theme development can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 and up, depending on how complex the functionality is. Keep in mind that these custom sites are often large directory listing websites, or sites that have very custom “web app” like functionality. In most instances, we choose to go the custom software development route, leaving WordPress off the table entirely. If you have a website that needs custom functionality, we can assess your scope of work and provide an idea of the best solution to accomplish your end goal.

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